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Established in 1989, the Rock Cut Trail Crew has successfully developed miles of eco-friendly mountain biking trails in and around Rockford, Illinois. We are a dedicated and responsible group of bicycling enthusiasts who stand as leaders for mountain bike access, and educate and connect mountain bikers of all skill levels.

The Trail Crew’s mission is to promote responsible trail use, to prevent trail closings, and to maintain unpaved trails for cycling in the Northern, IL and Rockford area.  We also seek to promote trail cycling opportunities through stewardship, environmental and social responsibility, education, and a spirit of cooperation among all trail users, the conservation community, and governing bodies.
Our members have donated thousands of work hours to build and improve area trails. We are a member club of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), the Midwest Mountain Bike Coalition, and the League of Illinois Bicyclists.

We work closely with area bike shops, government agencies, and land managers to ensure that mountain bikers have diverse and challenging local opportunities to enjoy their sport.

Simply put, no other group has done so much to protect the interests of Rockford area mountain bikers. It is only through our continued efforts to repair and maintain unpaved trails that we can counter objections to the presence of mountain bikers on area trails.

Links to information about the parks where our local trails can be found:
Espenscheid Memorial Forest Preserve
Rock Cut State Park

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The Rock Cut Trail Crew is a group of volunteers from Northern Illinois dedicated to developing and maintaining trails for mountain biking in the Rockford area.

Trail Maintenance Information

Next Rock Cut Trail Work Day:                             June 21,2014 at 8AM.  Meet at the Park Office


Next EspeTrail Work Day: TBD

Trail Conditions
Check here before hitting the trails or add an update after your ride is done


It’s great to ride the trails. But it takes a lot of elbow grease to build them and keep in them in good condition.

The Rock Cut Trail Crew devotes many hours to trail maintenance, as well as other club activities like event planning, course marshaling and patrolling. We can use your help. Please offer some some of your time to help with these efforts.

Sign up here to volunteer for the Rock Cut Trail Crew!

Group Ride Information

Tuesday and Thursday night rides @6pm from Lions will begin the first week of May

-still looking for someone to lead the Thursday night ride.

WOMEN’S ONLY ride. Wed nights at 6 at Lions parking lot.
Friday Night Rides check our forums to find out when and where it’s happening.

Check out our Forums for other rides


Espenscheid is open all year

7 am – 1/2 hour after sunset
Anna Page Park is now open

Trail Entrance: 3102 N. Springfield Avenue, Rockford

Please, stay off the trails for at least 24 hours after rain.

Need a map?

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The Rock Cut Trail Crew promotes trail access for mountain biking in the Rockford area. We are committed to promoting responsible trail use, preventing trail closings and maintaining unpaved trails for mountain biking in and around Rockford.

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